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Own a business or hosting an event? We can help! 

We have all been there. At a restaurant, barber, car dealership or store where we have to sit and wait until we are helped. It’s not fun and can leave a bad impression of the company before you even start. Wait time can be a very impactful turnoff for any customer, putting them in a negative mood before you even have the chance to serve them. 

If you are in a business that unintentionally gives customers downtime or hosting an event that you want to provide activities for your guests in, Hona’s putting greens are your solution to providing a better OVERALL experience.

The overall customer experience is so important to any customer doing future business with you. A positive experience from start to finish can help promote loyalty, retention and brand advocacy for your business in a positive way.

Hona putting green’s provide the highest quality golf experience you can get without being at the course with a simple yet fun putt- perfect for everyone of all ages.

Want to customize and promote your brand with Hona’s putting greens? We offer full customization that will allow you to pick any size you need for your event whether that is 4′ by 8′ or 12′ by 20ft. Not only is the size customizable but your putting green would look perfect with your brands logo printed in the turf. For more information, please send us an email at support@honagolf.com





Are you a golf professional, retailer or clubhouse? We have the putting green to help you provide a better experience for your customer or client. 

Our putting green is engineered to perform like a real green stimping 10-12 and providing a consistently flat surface with a realistic roll. Comparable to having a green constructed or landscaped permanently, our green is so durable a car can drive over it making it a reliable option for any amount of use. The benefits of having a Hona Green are endless. 

Hona Green’s can be used for lessons and demoing putters. Having a completely portable green that is durable enough to use commercially will allow you to always have a quality green for your customers or client rain or shine.

Not only can you use the green for lessons and demoing your putters, you can also retail these putting greens. For more wholesale information, inquire with us by email.


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