The Closer – 6′ x 10′



  • 6′ x 10′ indoor/outdoor backyard putting green (actual dims: 5′ 10″ x 9′ 7″)
  • Modular Tour Links base panels that snap together in minutes
  • Fast green speed similar to tour championship venues
  • 4 USGA regulation size cups
  • Pin assembly with handle for easy ball removal
  • Rail around entire green to keep balls on surface
  • Quick assembly and disassembly providing exceptional portability
  • Install indoors or outdoors (on hard or carpeted surfaces)
  • Limited 3 year warranty

The 6 foot by 10 foot putting green is the perfect length to work on your short and mid range putts. Statistically, golfer’s should look to work on their putts within 3ft to 15ft as this range is the most achievable to consistently make your putts. Anything outside of this range has more to do with luck than skill and even the pros will almost never make these putts. Anything inside 4 feet will dramatically and quickly shave strokes off your score, a putt that is easily makeable, but can be tough if not practiced consistently. Rest assured, you can do it all with the Closer.

This unique design offers the greatest putting experience with the highest quality and will also provide the best improvement to your game.

Our putting green’s are engineered to solve the flaws of the many other greens on the market. No more unrealistic uphill feature at the end of your putt. No more cheap materials that won’t hold up. And no more unrealistic roll speeds or imperfections when walked on.

We use only the top quality materials that are proven to provide the best overall putting experience.

Pair our green’s with our contour foam pads to add break to your putt or our cup reducer to create a smaller target. Easily shave 3-5 strokes off your game with the Closer putting green.

A clean look that will compliment any space.

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