Value vs. Price

Hona Golf Putting Greens

Not every product is designed for everyone. The same goes for putting greens and we understand price plays a pivotal role in the decision to purchase a home green. Although our products might not be for everyone they can certainly provide value to anyone of all ages who enjoy the game of golf or just want to have some fun at home. Our mission was to not focus on what we could do to cut costs and in turn lower the performance of the product but to focus on what we could do to provide a high quality putting green for our customers. With a performance similar to constructing or landscaping a permanent at home green, our green is a great alternative allowing you to use the green both indoors and outdoors. Still on the edge? Let’s talk about a few things on why quality and value might be worth taking the next step and purchasing a Hona Putting Green Package.

Longevity & Security

Hona putting greens use high quality polymer base panels so durable you can drive a car over them. This base panel system paired with out custom spec turf provide a very durable indoor and outdoor putting green. 

When you purchase a Hona putting green, you can rest assured that your investment will last a lifetime and the quality will provide a safe and satisfying green for you, your family and your friends, that will never stop performing at a high level.

Needs Fulfillment

Our greens are engineered to be a one time investment that will give you a realistic putting experience from the comfort of your own home. The purchase that keeps on giving for a lifetime will provide you with exceptional practice giving you the feedback you need to improve your golf score. When you sacrifice quality for a cheaper price tag, you sacrifice performance and durability where your investment will slowly become an expense that will need replaced or improved.

Usability and Efficiency

Hona putting greens are designed to assemble and dissemble in just minutes making the green completely portable. Hona’s putting greens stimp a 10-12, similar to PGA Tour green speed and are engineered to provide a completely smooth and flat surface- the only true way to work on your stroke and touch. If you decide to turn it up a notch, we offer padding and cup reducers to create break and a smaller hole. Save time and money from practicing at the comfort of your own home.

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