Andrew Jensen / PGA Tour Canada


Build your own golf oasis in the comfort of your own home. The finishing touch to your man-cave, garage, game room, basement, spare bedroom or your new golf room! Own a business? Fill up that office or waiting area and give clients something to stay busy with while waiting and increase morale.


Set up anywhere anytime. Hona greens are built to withstand weather. Build your dream backyard without the expense of landscaping. Get some extra putts in on your deck or patio and when it gets darker and colder, just move it inside to an extra space. You can putt year round! Going camping? To an event? Bring it along for entertainment!

Modular Base Panel Technology

This base panel system provides for a full cup drop without the use of unnecessary incline/hills or thick inferior material that will influence the roll. The outside panels consist of a railing to keep balls on the surface. These panels provide consistent performance rather than placing a mat directly on carpet or hardwood that will alter the line and speed of the putt. These panels are designed to follow moderately sloped terrain and to create natural breaks and contours.

Portable and Durable

Interlocking panels allow for easy assembly and disassembly in just minutes to move locations, as well as easy stacking capabilities for storage. Made from a high impact polymer plastic these panels can support 300lbs per Square Inch making them virtually indestructible.

Custom Spec Turf

High quality turf with Tour level speed pre-cut for easy assembly. Durable and can withstand weather in hot or cold conditions. Can easily be rolled up and stored. Simple maintenance with a vacuum.

Turf Performance

Putting turf stimps 10-12 and is designed to provide same speed putts in all directions (no grain). High end turf provides a smooth and consistent ball roll. 

Floating Cup Technology

Cup designed to drop and lock into place with the ability to move with the turf when contracting and expanding in extreme temperature conditions. Regulation size cup that provides a full cup drop.

Pin Assembly

Easily retrieve your makes by using our handled pin assembly.

Contour Pads

Contour pads allow you to create necessary break when your green is placed on a flat surface.

Cup Reducer

Help improve accuracy by reducing the cup size.