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How long does it take to get my green?

Standard packaged putting greens will usually ship within 2-4 weeks. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks after shipment to receive your green or other items dependent on season.

Where do you ship to?

We offer FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 United States.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

We offer a full refund on all items within 20 days in unused condition and same packaging, just pay shipping. Putting greens come with a 3 year warranty.

Does your putting turf simulate real grass?

Hona Golf’s custom spec turf runs a 10-12 on the USGA Stimp Meter. These speeds are achieved consistently with a smooth, flat roll with the same feel and speed as a PGA Tour level natural green.

There are virtually no similarities between Hona’s custom spec turf and the turf you may be used to, foam greens or turf carpet you would find at the mini-golf course.

This turf offers a natural roll that will give you the proper feedback you need to improve your short game. Our engineered putting green is not like any other putting green on the market and there is simply no way to know until you experience Hona’s putting greens for yourself.

Are the base panels made from cheap foam?

NO, unlike many putting greens on the market, the base panels are molded from High Quality Polymer which allows for support of hundreds of pounds per square inch. Our patented base panels are designed to interlock, leaving the platform as a free standing unit. These base panels are engineered with a honeycomb structure to provide strength and stability to your putting green.

This base panel system will provide a perfectly flat surface, that will not “river” over time, where you walk, like our competitors. These panels are so durable you can drive a car over them! Be cautious when browsing foam knock offs, that are often only warrantied for only a year.

Are your putting greens easy to install?

Our modular base panel system’s interlocking design allows for easy assembly and disassembly in just minutes! This design makes for a completely portable putting green that can be easily stored.

Can Hona Golf putting greens be used outdoors?

Yes, they can be placed on your lanai, deck, porch or patio etc. However, we recommend that you avoid leaving the turf in rainy/wet conditions. The Hona Golf turf is more of an indoor outdoor putting carpet, so if you’re going to get bad weather, simply roll the turf up and bring it inside.

Can I get realistic practice using Hona's putting greens?

Hona’s putting green’s run a PGA Tour green Stimp Meter speed of 10-12. Our custom spec turf supports the ball as a natural green would, providing a smooth and accurate roll. Our perfectly flat design will give you accurate feedback on alignment and putt speed better than competitors who use foam, carpet like turf or contrived uphill features.

Our putting green base panel system is brilliantly designed to be exactly 2″ off the ground where the putting turf will sit. The cups are built right into the putting surface to create a FULL drop into the cup without the use of a contrived uphill feature which can be detrimental to your speed and touch. Most foam putting greens provide a shallow drop but psychologically, it is important to see that ball disappear while practicing, just as you would see on the course.

How durable are your putting greens?

Our engineered putting green is designed to last a lifetime. We do not use cheap foam or flimsy plastic as a base. Our base panels are rock hard, you can even drive a car over it. Our custom spec turf can be used indoor and outdoor. As the turf expands and contracts due to weather, our patented moving cups are designed to react with the turf, giving you a perfect putt in any condition. Don’t forget the benefits of a rim surrounding the entire green that will keep the balls on the surface as well as our easy-to-use pin assembly with handles for easy ball removal.

Why do your putting greens cost so much?

The quick answer, shipping. When comparing green prices it is important to note not only the sizes but material being used as well. As a general rule in products, the cheaper the price, the cheaper the material. It is easy to compare Hona’s putting greens to other competitors.

Many putting greens on the market are NOT the same and do not provide the same benefits or Tour Level performance as Hona. These greens include foam based putting greens and carpet like material with a uphill feature made from cheap plastic. Both of these greens are easy to roll up and ship making them inexpensive but at a cost to you in lower quality practice. Be sure to read the fine print as they often do not mention Stimp Meter speed or other pertinent info.

Each base panel is 2′ by 2′ and weighs approximately 8lbs. When you purchase a green with 10 or more panels and a 12′ piece of turf, this will add up to hundreds of dollars in shipping! The cost of molding these panels and the water jet precision cuts to the turf are also at a cost. This does not even include the price of the material itself!

These putting greens are engineered to provide the most realistic green on the market. No foam putting green or carpet like green with an uphill feature will provide that.



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