Benefits of Practicing at Home


We all know how valuable our time can be and any way that can help you use your time more efficiently is priceless. Investing in a home putting green will help eliminate all the unnecessary time it takes to make it out to the range or course while still allowing you to get that quality putting practice in.


We all have goals and tell ourselves we will get that chore done tomorrow or be a little more active next week or that this is the year I’ll finally cut down some strokes on my golf score. Life does it’s thing and you run out of time and resources and end up putting off the least necessary activities often time the things you enjoy the most. When it comes to spending time with the kids at home or finishing up your work, going to the course will take a backseat. Having a home putting green will help you fit in some extra reps between all life throws at you. Not only will your score improve but you can stay more active, involve the whole family and have fun doing what you enjoy. 

Our Greens In Action


When it comes to something as intricate as putting, there is a fine line between putting greens for play and for practice. The true value of practicing at home is using a green that is completely flat and on a surface that resembles what you would see on the course- the only way to truly work on your stroke and touch. Without having to factor in any wind or slope, you can cut out those two and three putts you might normally have and turn those into one and two putts for par and birdie. Become more consistent from 3, 6 or even 10 feet and feel more confident when you go to knock down that 10 foot birdie putt or be able to make that shorter par putt from 5 feet every time without adding a third stroke. 

When you’re in the comfort of your own home, you not only have the green to yourself but you have it for as long as you would like, whenever you would like. 5am or midnight, you can get reps in whenever you feel up to it without having to putt around anyone sharing the green. 


Realistic & Convenient

The realistic convenient practice that this mat provides makes it truly a one of a kind product. Over the course of this golf season I noticed I was hitting less putts than normal. As I saw my handicap steadily rise due to missed opportunities on the green I knew it was time for a change. This putting mat allows me to have realistic putting practice at home and within two weeks of putting almost everyday on it I carded a lifetime personal best score. With add ons such as break pads and cup reducers this product has me feeling more confident in my putter than ever before!

Jake Alberts
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